He Is Almost Gone

“He is almost gone” one of the elderly men says to me when I ask for permission to enter their room. He is referring to another elderly man, who is lying motionless on his bed. “Namaskaram” I repeat a few times to him in a loud voice till he is able to notice my arrival. His eyes meet mine. There is no reply in words. We don’t speak … Continue reading He Is Almost Gone

Pancha Maha Yagna

Satsang with Swami Chidananda Puri Ji: Daily five Yagnas have to be observed by a householder. They are called Pancha Maha Yagna. Understanding these Pancha Maha Yagna is imperative in this world at this time. It will nourish family life. What is the inner meaning of Pancha Maha Yagna? Our Rishis say every individual that comes on this earth comes with some debts. Debts that … Continue reading Pancha Maha Yagna

Did you skip walk today?

Vaishno Devi, Kashmir, India, 2015: The path is carved into stones. It is dark and narrow. Water flows gently from the cold natural rock walls next to me. I carefully watch and copy the people around me. “Jai Mata Di” the woman ahead of me keeps proclaiming in loud repetition. I copy whatever she does, yet let my voice be almost inaudible. I am unsure … Continue reading Did you skip walk today?

Lalsingh the red Lion

Encounters during my Narmada Parikrama, a walk of 3,118km along the river Narmada in India. Especially in the late afternoon farmers switch on the water sprinklers to irrigate their rice fields along the banks of Narmada Maa. Each time we pass them it becomes a little play. They rotate in the typical circle rhythm and like children we always carefully watch for small gaps in … Continue reading Lalsingh the red Lion

The Godly Seed of Honesty

Narrative about my walk of 3,118 km along the river Narmada in India. During the Narmada Parikrama because of incredible exhaustion of walking and circumstances at some point during the journey no energy was left anymore to filter expressions. Everything came out as it is. Anger was unfiltered anger. Joy was unfiltered joy. I could not run away from it. Nor could my poor companions … Continue reading The Godly Seed of Honesty